10 Aug 2023

How to Use Blazor CascadingValues to Share Injected Services
Sharing and initialising Injected Services with Blazor CascadingValues

10 Aug 2023

Dodging bullets. Do your background checks!
Do you homework on companies you want to work for/with

5 Jul 2023

Blazoring ahead with Blazor
"Going where no code has gone before"

18 Jun 2023

Blazor development
The way of the future (finally)

28 Apr 2023

How to expose an API in Azure Portal so that it is visible in the list of "APIs my organization uses"
To add authorisation for an API, Azure needs to know that the API in your Web App exists

27 Mar 2023

Poor Recruitment Agencies
"Show me the money"?

26 Mar 2023

No Holds Bard!
Using Google Bard to Generate Website Descriptions

7 Feb 2023

What's in a [Domain] Name
Threading the world of brands and trademarks

21 Mar 2023

New company domain online iCollectIt.Ltd
Avoiding the .IT troubles imposed after Brexit

13 Mar 2023

Getting back to grips with Umbraco
Revisiting my favourite CMS - Now at V11