Dodging bullets. Do your background checks!

by Dave 10 Aug 2023

When I’m contacted by agencies with potential clients needing my expertise, I’ve recently started checking the agency’s reviews on Trustpilot and Google reviews. If there are too many bad reviews, I assume they might just be collecting data to sell on or spamming companies in the hope of getting a commission.

What I hadn’t considered before was applying the same background checking practice to potential companies I might work with. For example, I recently interviewed with a private healthcare company to assist with their Blazor development. The conversation went well, but I didn’t receive any feedback at all. Normally, you’d expect to get a yes, no, or maybe within a few days at most. This company didn’t respond, which seemed a little odd (or at least quite impolite).

On a hunch, I checked their company reviews on TrustPilot and what I found was quite surprising. Over two-thirds of their company reviews from customers were 1-star reviews. Hundreds of them. Each stating problems with the company and/or how badly they were treated.

Based on what I read in those reviews, I decided not to work with that company. It may not pay as well to have morals, but I do sleep soundly at night knowing that I’m working with companies that share my values and treat their customers well.