What's in a [Domain] Name

by DJ 07 Feb 2023

Once upon a time, the original design was for a single product, called iCollect.it. I took the .IT domain, way back in the early days of the internet.

Since then things have evolved... A lot.

During the course of development, another company changed their product name, causing an overlap for possible application names. iCollect.it was then relegated to become the home of the IT company iCollect.it Ltd. Then Brexit happen, the UK left the European Union, and UK residents were no longer entitled to hold .IT domains. That one was then transferred to a friend in Poland and iCollectIt.Ltd became our new home with the .IT domain acting as a redirect until we can meet the criteria for our company using a .IT domain.

Initial graphic design work, for the app website, identified that it was going to be simply too complex for an everyday user. It had everything included in one interface and no clear path on how to use it. The decision was then made to split out the Product Catalogue, and the QR code label generation, to a separate website. On a humorous whim, I found that baacodes.com and the rather cute shorter Baa.Codes domains were available. That became our new home for everything QR code related.

This left a gap for the main product name. At that time, our main product consisted of two main features: Storage Management and Collection Management. After many months of searching and researching, I happened to come across an entire suite of names, that both sounded great, and had both the .com and .co.uk extensions available.

The original plan for iCollect.it then evolved into:

  • Baa.Codes (QR code and label generation)
  • iStoreThings.com (Storage and Inventory management)
  • iCollectThings.com (Managing personal collections of items)

Since then a number of custom "Things" domains have been added to our suite, each to provide a specialised set of functionality, overlaid onto a shared iCollect.it database.

  • iBuyAndSellThings.com (making selling your inventory or collections easy)
  • iWillThings.com (creating an item bequeath list for your Solicitors)
  • iInsureThings.com (getting the best insurance deal for your collectables)
  • iInventThings.com (somewhere to showcase new gadgets and inventions)

All sites use a "single-sign-on" port of entry, making it easy to register on any of the iCollect.it sites, but use any or all of them with your own data shared between them (privately, for you alone of course).